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The objective o f the G-24 Research Program is to support and strengthen the capacity of the members to effectively engage and participate in ongoing discussions of issues of particular concern to developing countries. Broadly, the research and work programs revolve around 5 areas: (a) The Global Economy and Growth Agenda; (b) Financing for Development; (c) Infrastructure Investment; (d) Financial Inclusion; and (e) Reform and Governance of International Financial Institutions.

Outputs and publications do not necessarily reflect the positions of the G-24 or its members. Feedback from readers is welcome.

Elevating Services: Services Trade Policy, WTO Commitments, and their Role in Economic Development and Trade Integration

29th January 2019 Abstract

Structural Transformation and Growth in G-24 countries: 2005-2015

24th January 2019 Abstract

Why Does the Real Exchange Rate Matter for Economic Development?

24th January 2019 Abstract

G-24/AFI Policymakers’ Roundtable on Financial Inclusion

24th January 2019 Abstract

Joint G-24/CGD Roundtable on the Implications of Basel III Reforms in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

24th January 2019 Abstract

Joint G-24/World Resources Institute and the New Climate Economy Roundtable

24th January 2019 Abstract

Fiscal Policy Incidence on Inequality and Poverty in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

16th January 2019 Abstract

Wired for Work: Exploring the Nexus of Technology & Jobs

13th December 2018 Abstract

Trade, Technology and Jobs: A WTO Contribution to the Debate

5th December 2018 Abstract

The Recent Trend of Income Inequality in Asia and How Policy Should Respond

31st October 2018 Abstract