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Growth and Reducing Inequality

The Growth and Reducing Inequality Working Paper Series is a joint effort of the G-24 and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung New York to gather and disseminate a diverse range of perspectives and research on trends, drivers and policy responses relevant to developing country efforts to boost growth and reduce inequality. The series comprises selected policy-oriented research papers contributed by presenters at a Special Workshop the G-24 held in Geneva (September 2017) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, as well as relevant sessions in G-24 Technical Group Meetings.

Structural Transformation and Growth in G-24 countries: 2005-2015

24th January 2019 Abstract

Why Does the Real Exchange Rate Matter for Economic Development?

24th January 2019 Abstract

Fiscal Policy Incidence on Inequality and Poverty in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

16th January 2019 Abstract

Trade, Technology and Jobs: A WTO Contribution to the Debate

5th December 2018 Abstract

The Recent Trend of Income Inequality in Asia and How Policy Should Respond

31st October 2018 Abstract

Economic Growth and Pursuit of Inequality Reduction in Africa

29th October 2018 Abstract

Inequality and Growth in Latin America: Achievements and Challenges

29th October 2018 Abstract

Income Inequality and Fiscal Policy: Agenda for Reform in Developing Countries

28th August 2018 Abstract

Robots and Industrialization: What Policies for Inclusive Growth?

24th August 2018 Abstract

Reconciling People with Trade

9th August 2018 Abstract

Accelerating Growth and Reducing Inequality: Trends and Policy Approaches

17th July 2018 Abstract

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