Session 1: Managing Capital Flow Volatility

Giovanni Dell’Ariccia- Toward an Integrated Policy Framework

Prakash Loungani- IEO IMF Advice on Capital Flows

Kevin Gallagher- IMF Institutional View: Time to Deepen Reform


Session 2: International Tax Cooperation

Victoria Perry – International Corporate Tax: An Overview of the Current Situation

Martin Hearson – Tax treaties and Developing Countriess

Sol Picciotto – For a Better Globe: A Minimum Effective Tax Rate for Multinationals

Carlos Protto – Tax Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Economy


Session 3: Domestic Resource Mobilization to Support a Better Post-COVID Recovery

Michael Keen – Taxation for an Inclusive World After COVID-19

Sanjeev Gupta – Political Economy of Tax Reforms in Developing Countries

Jeremias Paul Jr. – Building Back Better with Health Taxes

Roberto Arias – Extraordinary Solidarity Contribution to Help Mitigate the Effects of the Pandemic