Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Summary Report

Session 1: 

Monari – World Bank’s Role in Transformational Engagements

Wa-Kyendo – Infrastructure Investments for Economic Growth

Bond – Sustainable Financing of Infrastructure in Emerging Economies

Ahmad – Public Investment for Sustainable Growth

Cote D’Ivoire – Country Perspective

Egypt – Country Perspective


Session 2:

Page – Structural Transformation It’s Not Just Manufacturing Anymore

Elhiraika – Transformative and inclusive development policy in Africa

Gottschalk – Catching up and structural transformation What does it take in today’s world

Taglioni – Global Value Chains Relevance for G24 Countries

Montes – Should Developing Countries Accept TPP-style Obligations on Foreign Investor Protections

Ethiopia – Policies for productivity growth and structural transformation


Session 3:

Keen – Revenue mobilization in developing countries—issues and initiatives

Fitzgerald – International Tax Competition and Emerging Markets

Ghana – Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Development & International cooperation

Ahmad – Political economy of tax reforms meeting the SDGS