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Discussion Paper Series

The G-24 Discussion Paper Series is a collection of research papers that were prepared under the Research program of the Intergovernmental Group of

Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs (G-24). It was administered by UNCTAD’s Project of Technical Support. This Project’s aim was to enhance

understanding of the complex issues in the international monetary and financial system, and to introduce a development dimension into the discussion

of international financial and institutional reform.

The Program was funded by contributions from member and observer countries of the Group.

It received financial support from the International Development Research Centre of Canada and from the Governments of Denmark and the


Revising Basel 2: The Impact of the Financial Crisis

and Implications for Developing Countries

Andrew Cornford, June 2010

Policy Space to Prevent and Mitigate Financial Crises in Trade and

Investment Agreements

Kevin P. Gallagher, May 2010

Financing the Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Measures in Developing Countries


Ackerman, April 2010

The 2008 Food Price Crisis:

Rethinking Food Security Policies

Anuradha Mittal, October 2009

The Contemporary Reform of Global Financial Governance: Lessons from the Past

Eric Helleiner,

April 2009

Post-War Experiences with Developmental

Central Banks: The Good, the Bad and the Hopeful

Gerald Epstein, April 2009

Carbon Markets and Beyond

Frank Ackerman, December


Global Liquidity and Financial Flows to

Developing Countries

C.P. Chandrasekhar, November 2008

The External Debt Contentious, Six Years After the Monterrey Consensus

Ugo Panizza, September


Enhancing the Role of Regional Development


Stephany Griffith-Jones, David Griffith-Jones, Dagmar Hertova, July 2008

IMF Voting Reform: Need, Opportunity and


David Woodward, December 2007

48 Aid for Trade: Cool Aid or Kool-Aid?

Sam Laird, November 2007

IMF Contingency Financing for Middle-Income Countries with Access to

Private Capital Markets

Jan Kergel, October 2007

Regional Arrangements to Support Growth and Macro-Policy Coordination in MERCOSUR

Joes Maria

Fanelli, September 2007

The Potential Impact of the

Aid for Trade Initiative

Sheila Page, April 2007

East Asia’s Counterweight Strategy

Injoo Sohn, March 2007

Beyond the IMF

Devesh Kapur, Richard Webb, February


Governance and Anti-Corruption Reforms in

Developing Countries

Mushtaq H. Khan, November 2006

IMF Policies for Financial Crises Preventions in Emerging Markets

Fernando Lorenzo, Nelson

Noya, October 2006

The Role of the IMF in Debt


Lucio Simpson, May 2006

East Asia’s Growing Demand for Primary Commodities

Ricardo Gottschalk, Daniela Prates, February


Reforming the IMF: Back to the Drawing


Yilmaz Akyuz, November 2005

Prioritizing Economic Growth: Enhancing Macroeconomic Policy Choice

Colin I. Bradford, Jr.,

April 2005

Malaysia’s September 1998


Jomo K.S., March 2005

Country Ownership of Reform Programmes and the Implications for Conditionality

Omotunde E.G. Johnson, January


Up from Sin: A Portfolio Approach to Financial


Randall Dodd, Shari Spiegel, January 2005

Trip Wires and Speed Bumps

Ilene Grabel, November 2004

External Financing for Development and International Financial


Jan Kregel, October 2004

Assessing the Risks in the Private Provision of Essential Services

Tim Kessler, Nancy

Alexander, October 2004

Enron and Internationally

Agreed Principles for Corporate Governance and the Financial Sector

Andrew Corford, June 2004

Remittances: The New Development Mantra

Devesh Kapur,

April 2004

Reinventing Industrial


Sanjaya Lall, April 2004

Capital Management Techniques in Developing Countries

Gerald Epstein, Ilene Grabel, Jomo, K.S.,

March 2004

External Debt Sustainability: Guidelines

for Low and Middle-Income Countries

Claudio M. Loser, March 2004

Commodities Under Neoliberalism: The Case of Cocoa

Irfan ul Haque, January


Burden Sharing at the


Aziz Ali Mohammed, January 2004

The Indonesian Bank Crisis and Restructuring

Mari Pangestu, December 2003

An Analysis of IMF Conditionality



The World’s Bank Poverty Reduction Strategy

Paper Approach: Good Marketing or Good Policy?

Jim Levinsohn, July 2003

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: A Critique of G7 Proposals on Reforming the

Multilateral Development Banks

Devesh Kapur, April 2003

International Financial Institutions and International Public Goods

Ravi Kanbur, December


Competition and Competition Policy in Emerging


Ajit Singh, September 2002

The Politics of Legal Reform

Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, April 2002

The Impact of G-3 Exchange Rate Volatility on Developing


Gerardo Esquivel, Felipe Larrain, January 2002

Organizational Reform and the Expansion of the South’s Voice at the Fund

Peter Evans, Martha

Finnemore, December 2001

How Risky Is Financial

Liberalization in the Developing Countries?

Charles Wyplosz, September 2001

Recasting the International Financial Agenda


Antonio Ocampo, July 2001

Reform of the

International Financial System and Institutions in Light of the Asian Financial Crisis

Yung Chul, Yunjong Wang, July


The Future Role of the


Aziz Ali Mohammed, April 2001

Growth After the Asian Crisis: What Remains of the East Asian Model?

Jomo K.S., March


Should Countries Promote Foreign Direct


Gordon Hanson, February 2001

Can Flexible Exchange Rates Still “Work” in Financially Open Economies?

Ilan Goldfajn, Gino

Olivares, January 2001

Commentary on the Financial

Stability Forum’s Report of the Working Group on Capital Flows

Andrew Comford, December 2000

Governance-Related Conditionalities of the International Financial


Devesh Kapur, Richard Webb, August 2000

Exchange-Rate Policies for Developing Countries: What Have We Learned?

Andrew Velasco, June


The Standardization of Law and Its Effect on

Developing Economies

Katharina Pistor, June 2000

The Basle Committees Proposal for Revised Capital Standards

Andrew Cornford, May


Interests and Options of Developing and Least-

Developed Countries

T. Ademola Oyejide, May 2000

The Millennium Round and Developing Countries: Negotiating Strategies and Area of


Arvind Panagarya, March 2000

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