Communiqué of the Thirty-Second Meeting of the Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development (G-24), October 5, 1985, Seoul, Korea

The Ministers of the Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs held their Thirty-Second Meeting in Seoul Republic of Korea, on October 5, 1985, Mr. Juan V. Sourrouille, Minister of Economy, Argentina, was in the Chair, with Mr. Tesfaye Dinka, Minister of Finance, Ethiopia, and Mr. Vlado Klemencic, Federal Secretary for Finance, Yugoslavia, as Vice-Chairmen. The meeting was attended by Mr. J. de Larosière, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Mr. A. W. Clausen, President, the World Bank, Mr. D. R. Clarke, Development Committee, Mr. Y. Berthelot, Deputy Secretary General, UNCTAD, Mr. P. Malan, Director General Analysis and Policies Division, United Nations Mr. Sidney Dell, UNITAR, Mr. Massood V. Samii, Head, Finance Section, OPEC, Mr. Y. Seyyid Abdulai, Director General OPEC Fund, Mr. Abdurahman Hersi, Islamic Development Bank, Mr. Faik Ali Abdul-Rasool President, Iraqi Fund for External Development, and Mr. Hamad Al-Sayari, Governor, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. Mr. Liu Hongru, Vice-Chairman of the Council and First Deputy Governor, People’s Bank of China, attended as invitee.