Summary Report


Session 1: Structural Transformation and Sustainable Development

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Session 2: Perspectives on the World Bank Group (WBG) Evolution Roadmap

Amar Bhattacharya – A World Bank for the 21st Century

Annalisa Prizzon – Presentation Notes on the World Bank Group (WBG) Evolution Roadmap

[Closed session]


Session 3: Mobilizing Private Finance for Sustainable and Inclusive Development

Chris Clubb – Increasing the Number of SDG and Climate Projects Implemented by Mobilizing Private Investment Through Blended Finance 

Solange Amichia – Mobilizing Private Finance For Sustainable and Inclusive Development

Eleazar E. Ricote – The Philippine PPP Program: Framework Pipeline, Lessons, Prospects and Challenges

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Session 4: Food Insecurity – Macroeconomic and Structural Drivers

Maximo Torero Cullen – Tackling drivers of food insecurity for Africa and other vulnerable countries

Martien Van Nieuwkoop – Responding to Rising Food Insecurity: A Financing Perspective

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