Pretoria, South Africa


Session 1: High Level Panel

The Multi-Polar World, the Global Recovery, and the New Normal
Justin Yifu Lin
Growth in a Multi-Polar World
Cyrus Rustomjee
A Global Economy with Multiple Growth Poles
Justin Yifu Lin

Session 2: Global Context for Growth and Development

G-20 Map Growth, Rebalancing and Development
Zia Qureshi
Background: Growth and Development in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries
World Bank
Post-Crisis Challenges for MDG Attainment, Sub-Saharan Afrca
J.K. Sundaram
Background: Keeping the Promise: United to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals
United Nations
Background: World Economic Situation and Prospects
United Nations
The Seoul Consensus on Development
Mmakgoshi Phetla-Lekhethe
Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth

Session 3: Key Issues on the International Development Agenda

Managing Capital Flows: What Tools to Use
Atish Ghosh
Background: Capital Inflows
The State of Climate Finance Talks
K. Naidoo
Climate Finance: Some Perspectives and Issues
Cyrus Rustomjee
Background: Report of the Secretary-General’s High Level Advisory Group
United Nations
The Multilateral System of Development Finance
Amar Bhattacharya, Rogerio Studart
INAF – It’s Not Always Fiscal
Ugo Panizza
Background: The Unexplained Part of Public Debt by C.F.S.
Camila F.S. Campos, Dany Jaimovich, Ugo Panizza
Trends and Volatility in Commodity Prices and Food Security
Jorg Mayer
Food Price Determinants in Context
Jomo Kwame Sundaram
Food Price Watch
World Bank
Food Security: The Need for Multilateral Action
World Bank