Lima, Peru


Summary Report


Keynote: The Global Financial Safety Net and the IMF: The Unfinished Agenda

Jose De Gregorio- IMF Reform: The Unfinished Agenda

Tomas Gonzalez- IMF Reform


Session 1: Coping with Global Financial Uncertainties and the Global Financial Safety Net

Juan Pablo Medina- From Known Unknowns to Black Swans: How to Manage Risk in Latin America and the Caribbean

Maxwell Opoku-Afari- Coping with Global Uncertainties and the Global Safety Nets

Eugenio Cerutti- Capital Inflows and Emerging Markets


Special Session: Global Financial Governance and Development

Kyle Peters- Making the Global Financial System Work for All: G20 Eminent Persons Group

Global Financial Governance


Session 2: Combating Illicit Financial Flows

Nadim Kyriakos-Saad- Combating Illicit Financial Flows

Jean Pierre Brun- Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)

Lucas Diez Suarez- Illicit Financial Flows: a Private Sector Perspective

Alex Cobham- Combating illicit financial flows: Definition, measurement and policy response

Stephanie Blankenburg- Combating Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Economies


Session 3: Fiscal Reforms and Governance

Paola Alvarez- Making headway despite the headwinds

Jens Kristensen- Fiscal Reforms and Governance -a PEFA Perspective


Session 4: Managing Sustainable Investments and Growth: Some Perspectives

Amar Bhattacharya- Scaling-up Sustainable Investments for Better Development and Better Climate

Elsa Galarza- Managing Sustainable Investments and Growth: some perspectives


Special Session: Taxation Challenges: A Focus on the Digital Economy

Suresh Yadav- Taxation Challenges:A Focus on the Digital Economy

Natalia Quinones- Taxation Challenges:A Focus on the Digital Economy


Session 5: Ensuring Adequate Social Safety Nets

Sanjeev Gupta- Social Safety Nets in IMF Policy Advice

Margaret Grosh- Universal Social Protection: Issues and a Way Forward

Fabio Durán Valverde- Ensuring Adequate Social Protection Systems

ECLAC- Social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean