Colombo, Sri Lanka

Summary Report

Session 1: 

Marcelo Giugale – The Evolution of Public Debt Management: An Advisor’s View

Yilmaz Akyuz – Deepened Financial Integration and Changing Vulnerabilities of the Global South


Session 2: 

Baudouin Richard – Strengthening Liability Managementin Local Currency Sovereign Bond Markets

Benu Schneider – Emerging Issues in Sovereign Debt What Can Developing Countries Do?

Rodrigo Cabral – Liability Management Operations in the External Markets

South Africa – Debt Management Overview

Sri Lanka – Debt Management and Sustainability


Session 3: 

Hector Torres – Trade at crossroads: Structural changes and Policy challenges

Michael Ewing – Except for all the Others

Ramy Afifi – Egypt Intervention

Vinod Kumar – Presentation – India

Aaditya Mattoo – Trade and Cooperation in an Age of Insecurity


Session 4: 

Ilhyock Shim – Dealing with capital flow volatility

Jonathan Ostry – Managing Capital Flows: Toward a Policy Vademecum

Jose Ocampo – Enhancing the Role of the SDRs in the Global Reserve System

Moses Tule – Dealing with Capital Flow Volatility: The Nigerian Experience

Saraiva – Brazil – Dealing with Capital Flows Volatility (G24 TGM)