Cartagena, Colombia

Summary Report
Colombia’s Economic Strategy in the New Global Context

Session 1a: Financing Infrastructure through Domestic Resource Mobilization

The Role of FDN as a Specialized and Innovative Development Bank

On Public Investment Efficiency

Bond Markets as a Source of Financing for Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean

Session 1b: Financing Infrastructure and the Role of Public-Private-Partnerships

Financing Infrastructure and the Role of PPPs

Global Infrastructure Hub: Bridging the Infrastructure Gap

Developing a PPP Program: the Experience of the Philippines

South Africa’s Renewable Energy Procurement Program

PPPs in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies


Session 2: Fiscal Policy and Income Inequality

Fiscal Policy Incidence on Poverty and Inequality in Latin America

Inequality and Fiscal Policy

Income Inequality and Fiscal Policy


Session 3: Financial Inclusion: Innovations and Challenges Ahead

Financial Inclusion and Financial Education for Deposit Insurers

Financial Inclusion: the Indian Experience

Nigeria’s Financial Inclusion Strategy

Impact of De-risking in the Caribbean


Session 4: A Dialogue on Reinvigorating Growth

Global Challenges, Global Solutions: the Big Picture

Present Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America

Reinvigorating Growth: Sri Lanka’s Experience