Beirut, Lebanon

Summary Report

Session 1: Financing for Development and Perspectives of the G-24

Trepelkov, ‘Financing for Sustainable Development’

Session 2: Addressing the Shortcomings in the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Framework

Lombardi, ‘Sovereign Debt Restructuring – Current Challenges, Future Pathways’

Ramcharan (Trinidad and Tobago), ‘Resolving Sovereign Debt Distress in the Caribbean’

Tule (Nigeria), ‘Nigeria’s Sovereign Debt Restructuring-Challenges and the Way Forward’


Session 3: The Role and Reform of Multilateral Finance

Humphrey, ‘Current Challenges for Multilateral Development Banks’

Session 4: Enhancing the Tax Base and International Tax Cooperation

Keen, ‘International corporate Tax Issues and Developing Countries’